18 January 2022
nutrients for hydroponics

Nutrients for hydroponics

Hydroponic is a modern way of farming. Here, plants are grown on media containing all the nutrients for hydroponics, essential to plant growth.

Nutrient film technique and deep-water float systems are perfect examples where plants’ roots get their nutrients. In general, hydroponic is where plants are grown on a soilless media.

Types of nutrients used in the hydroponic media

There are two types of nutrients for hydroponics, the base nutrients and the additives.

1. The base nutrients

Each of your plants requires base nutrients as their primary source of nutrients. The base nutrient is the solution responsible for giving plants a variety of vitamins. These vitamins always complete the diet of the plants.

Base nutrients are generally available for different plant varieties. In addition, you will get bases that will support every stage of development of every plant. For example, some bases will promote the vegetative and blooming stages.

When one base solution is applied at your hydroponic, it will give your plants the nutrients they require daily. But this will not be applicable in all cases as it will reach a point where the plants will require some TLC, and at this point, you will have to use the additives.

nutrients for hydroponics

2. Additives

At times plants act the same way we human beings behave. For example, at times, we may find ourselves under the weather, and at this point, we may require stuff that will strengthen our immunity. We tend to go for some additional vitamin C.

This can be done by adding other things to your regular diet. Supplementation can also be done when you are healthy, not only when ill. So, plants will act the same way whenever they lack nutrients or when they are infected and even when they require an additional boost. And this is where you can now use the additives that will promote nutrient supplementation.