18 January 2022
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Hardness tester

It is a device that is designed to indicate the resistance of various matters to indentation. One measures the hardness by measuring the effect of localised penetration. The penetration can be by a diamond indentor, carbide, or hard steel. There are various hardness tester and each of the testers uses its standard of measurement of hardness. Due to this, each tester has its benefits over the other. It is essential to evaluate the different hardness testers before subjecting any material to testing.

hardness tester

The Most Common testers of Hardness

As mentioned earlier, testers exist in variety. The following are the most common testers and their features:-

Rockwell Hardness Testing Device: It is a popular device in hardness testing as it provides a more accurate reading. In addition, it is easier to perform Rockwell hardness testing. It serves to test all metals other than surfaces with extreme variations or where the indentations are too significant to apply the test.

Brinell Hardness Testing Device: It is often used while testing surfaces that are too coarse that other methods may not apply. Such materials include castings. The common range of a force is from 500kgf to 300kgf.

Vickers Hardness Testing Device: It specialises in the testing of small areas and thin material. It is based on an optical measurement system. Therefore, it requires the surface to be well polished to measure the indentations.